Below you will see some of our
"Frequently Asked Questions"

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Q: When is the deadline to start an ad or to make changes to my ad?

A: The deadline for ad placement is the 23rd day of each month preceding the issue.

Q: What type of file should I send for my ad?

A: .pdf, .tif, .jpg files with 4 color c,m,y,k (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) 300 dpi (dots per inch) file(s) is best for our printer.


Q: When is the deadline to submit articles?

A: The deadline for an article submission is the 18th day prior to the montly issue.

Q: Why is my article or press release different than the copy I sent?

A: Veterans Reporter News reserves the right to edit down any material sent to us due to space requirements and limitations.

Just Wondering...

Q: Who is the current publisher/owner operator of Veterans Reporter News?

A: Su Phelps purchased the rights to publish Veterans Reporter News from Chuck Baker in late 2013.

Q: How much does a copy of Veterans Reporter News cost?

A: Veterans Reporter News printed copies as well as the online versions are available for free.

Q: Where can I find a print copy?

A: We distribute to Nellis AFB, VA Clinics/Hospitals, Libraries, VFW, American Legion and several other locations.