SUDs Group photo
Photos and videos courtesy of CustomInk

Veteran's Day with SUDS (Soliders Undertaking Disabled Scuba) Diving

As part of its 15th Anniversary, CustomInk, the leading online provider of custom apparel for groups and occasions, honored one of its most loyal customers, John Thompson, President of SUDS (Soldiers Undertaking Disabled Scuba). CustomInk sponsored three wounded warriors for SUDS’s most recent diving trip, which coincides with Veteran’s Day.This was one of 15 initiatives the company executed this year to thank their most valued customers for their continuous support.

“We feel real grateful. SUDs is a small grassroots non-profit and we’ve been ordering t-shirts from CustomInk since our beginning really. When I got notification that we were getting a donation from CustomInk, I was actually kind of shocked. We totally rely on donations as a small non-profit. We feel blessed to be in the position that CustomInk saw the merit in the work that we do,” says John Thompson.

According to the Congressional Research Service, over 8,700 soldiers were severely injured during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thompson, who is a long-standing CustomInk customer, has dedicated his life to helping improve the lives of wounded or injured veterans. To show appreciation for his continued business, CustomInk surprised John by covering all of the expenses for three divers during SUDS’s most recent trip, which took place from November 3rd - 8th in Rincon, Puerto Rico.

“When the opportunity was brought to me, I was like you know what I’m going to try something new at least every year. If the opportunity is there I’m going to take it. Life is short so jump on it,” says one of the injured service men on the trip originally from San Antonio.

In addition to sponsoring the trip, CustomInk has also launched a t-shirt campaign to support SUDS, allowing anyone who wants to show their support to purchase an exclusive shirt with all proceeds being donated to the organization to further support its rehabilitation efforts. Shirts can be purchased at and will be on sale through November 30th, 2015.