The musical group Re-Creation entertains residents at the Nevada State Veterans Home.

The musical group Re-Creation entertained residents at the Nevada State Veterans Home.

Re-Creation Creates Excitement at Veterans Home

Residents at the Nevada State Veterans Home recently were entertained by the musical group Re-Creation, which bills itself as "more than a show." Consisting of concerned, dedicated and talented youth, members of the ensemble give up a minimum of one year of their lives traveling the nation to entertain former servicemen and women in medical centers, rest homes and assisted living facilities. In doing so the members succeed in providing a unique, collective, personal reach that touches its patriotic audiences. Veterans in such facilities sometimes feel that they may have been forgotten. But after the music began and the dancing commenced, medical personnel at the local veterans home attested to the fact that the entertainment contributed a form of invaluable therapy.

Re-Creation members, who are not paid, arrived four hours prior to show time in order to prepare the performance area, change into their costumes and visit residents in their "neighborhoods," which are separate sections within the facility that are distinctly named. Re-Creation then assisted residents to the show area, and after performing returned them to their personal areas.

The 41th edition of Re-Creation's show, called Party Rock USA!, featured uplifting versions of some of the most popular American songs of all time. In addition, the group included rousing versions of patriotic music. When the show was over and the lights dimmed, the equipment was packed and loaded and the troupe began driving hundreds of miles to its next location. It left behind a building full of musical memories not soon forgotten.